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Transfer Applications

Transfer applications are rank-ordered pursuant to Supplemental Admission Criteria. Transfer applicants MUST complete a Supplemental Application in order to be considered for the Nursing major. Local area applicants will be given priority over non-local applicants. 

Transfer Students should make sure that they meet the Transfer Student Eligibility Requirements before applying to the program.

Transfer applicants to the TBSN will be reviewed for admission and, if CSU Eligible, conditionally admitted to the alternate major of choice. Decisions for the TBSN major are completed and communicated until July. Transfer applicants should plan their Intent to Enroll and fee based on the alternate major of choice due to limited admissions into TBSN. Applicants not accepted into the Nursing major by the start of the fall term will not be able to switch majors or apply to the impacted major at a later date.

Supplemental Application