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Work Experience Information & Documentation

For the Traditional BSN Program

Please refer to the Supplemental Admission Criteria for the types of work experience for which admission points can be earned.  It is very unusual for traditional, full-time college students to earn any admission points for this optional area on the Point System.  All of the listed types of work experience require a specialized license or certificate. Points for 'part-time' work are based on 20 hours per week.  Work experience will be pro-rated, based on the number of hours worked each week.

We do award one point just for completing the training that is included within each of the listed, work experience certificate/license programs on our Point System.  These training programs are typically offered at California Community Colleges, the Regional Occupational Program (ROP) or private trade schools. 

Below is the sample letter template for documenting work experience. Read the letter before submitting to the School of Nursing.  Make sure that letters: (1) Are on original letterhead stationary; (2) include a description of your assigned duties and how you interacted with patients; (3) state whether hours are part time (must state number of hours per week) or full time; (4) indicate the length of time you were employed; and (5) the letter must be signed, and include the job title and telephone contact number for the person signing the letter.  If letters do not contain all of this information, on letterhead stationary, such letters will not be considered.

Follow Example --  Template for Verification of Employment

Clinical Lab hours as part of healthcare occupation education:  We will determine clinical lab hours from catalog course descriptions.  If you can easily provide a copy of clinical lab hours completed, please do so according to the application instructions; otherwise, we will research this ourselves.  If your training will not show up on a college/university transcript. please be prepared to submit a photocopy of your training certificate that includes the name of institution, training completed, date of certificate award, and official signature.  Examples of this may be training through an ROP program.

We would like to clarify what type of employment is acceptable towards earning 'points' for the Employment Supplemental Admission Criteria area. 

Some additional examples of work experience that we will accept, other than the jobs listed in our Supplemental Admission Criteria:  Phlebotomist, Surgical Technician, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Cardiovascular Technician, Respiratory Therapy, Orthopedic Technician, and EKG Technician (in hospital setting).

Employment for an individual or at a private residence:  We will only accept such work experience if you are employed by an health care agency.  We do not accept verification letters from an individual, unless you have been trained and are being supervised by an RN or MD and the letter is written and signed by that professional.

Examples of work experience that we will not accept are: Working with the disabled population, not needing medical care; life guarding, unless you are an EMT; an Activities Assistant at a Nursing Home or Rehab facility; an Administrative Assistant or Front Office Receptionist at an MD office.