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Previous Awardees

Previous Brakebill Awardees
Year Awarded Awardee Department
2022/2023 André Kündgen Mathematics
2021/2022     Veronica Anover Modern Language Studies, French & Spanish
2020/2021 Betsy Read Biological Sciences
2019/2020 No Award Given No Award Given
2018/2019 Suzanne Moineau Speech-Language Pathology
2017/2018 Jill Watts History
2016/2017 Matthew Escobar Biology
2015/2016 Sharon Hamill Psychology
2014/2015 Alyssa Sepinwall History
2013/2014 Elizabeth Matthews Political Science
2012/2013 Martha Stoddard-Holmes Literature and Writing Studies
2011/2012 No Award Given No Award Given
2010/2011 Rajnandini Pillai Management
2009/2010 Kathy Norman Education
2008/2009 Soheila Jorjani Operations and Supply Chain Management
2007/2008 Juan Necochea Education
2006/2007 No Award Given No Award Given
2005/2006 Dawn Formo Undergraduate Studies
2004/2005 Paul Jasien Chemistry and Biochemistry
2003/2004 Janet McDaniel Education
2002/2003 No Award Given No Award Given
2001/2002 Graham Oberem Physics
2000/2001 Susie Lan Cassel Literature and Writing Studies
1999/2000 Laura Wendling Education
1998/1999 Marie Thomas Psychology
1997/1998 Justin Tan Business
1996/1997 Laurie Stowell Education
1995/1996 Stanley Wang Computer Science
1994/1995 Ken Mendoza Literature and Writing Studies
1993/1994 Rene Curry Literature and Writing Studies