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Previous Awardees

Previous Outstanding Graduate Award Recipients
Year Awarded Awardee Program & Dean Award 
2022/2023 Aidelen Montoya
Museum Studies, Art, and Art History (Special Major)
Dean Award: CHABSS
2021/2022 Krystal Alvarez-Hernandez
Psychological Schience
Dean Award: CHABSS
2020/2021 Kodie Gerritsen
Visual and Performing Arts | Physics | minor in Geography
Dean Award: CHABSS
2019/2020 Lauren Tafla
Dean Award: CSTEM
2018/2019 Connor Whitten
Psychological Science
Dean Award: CHABSS
2017/2018 Lilia Lopez
Business Administration
Deans Awards: CoBA; Dean of Students
Ivan Hernandez
Dean Award: CHABSS
Jamaela Johnson
Human Development
Dean Award: Dean of Students
2014/2015 Carlos E. Rosas 
Dean Award: CHABSS
2013/2014 Gary Simmons
Applied Physics
Dean Award: CSTEM
2012/2013 Fernando Sanchez
Literature & Writing Studies
Dean Award: Graduate Studies 
2011/2012 Dalziel Soto
Dean Award: CEHHS
2010/2011 Holly Gerrity
Political Science
Dean Award: CHABSS
2009/2010 Herminia Ramirez
Women’s Studies/Sociology
Dean Award: Dean of Students
2008/2009 Mary Lelia Baker
School of Nursing
Dean Award: CEHHS 
2007/2008 Karina Noemi Gonzalez
Biological Science
Dean Award: CHABSS (CoAS at the time)  
2006/2007 Thomas Colby
Political Science | Psychology
Dean Award: Dean of Students
2005/2006 Caroline Rizk
Dean Award: CSTEM (CoAS at the time) 
2004/2005 James Nguyen Economics | Political Science
2003/2004 Jayson Sack Biological Science | Psychology
2002/2003 Philoan Chau Accounting