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Previous Awardees

President's Outstanding Faculty Awards
Outstanding Lecturer Sahar Mosleh Computer Science
Scholarship & Creative Activity Sean Newcomber Kinesiology
Service Leadership Deborah Kristan Biology
Teaching Innovation & Excellence Donnie Bade Anthropology
Outstanding Lecturer Joseph Lovelace Mathematics
Scholarship & Creative Activity Amber Puha Mathematics
Service Leadership Carmen Nava History
Teaching Innovation & Excellence Kendra Rivera Communication
Outstanding Lecturer Terri Metzger Communication
Scholarship & Creative Activity Susie Lan Cassel Literature & Writing Studies
Service Leadership Marshall Whittlesey Mathematics
Teaching Innovation & Excellence Marisol Clark Ibáñez Sociology
Outstanding Lecturer Laura Makey Liberal Studies/ Global Studies
Scholarship & Creative Activity Betsy Read Biological Sciences
Service Leadership Jacqueline Trischman Chemistry & Biochemistry
Teaching Innovation & Excellence Merryl Goldberg Visual & Performing Arts
Outstanding Lecturer Klaus Schryen Global Business & Finance
Scholarship & Creative Activity Merryl Goldberg Visual & Performing Arts
Service Leadership Sharon Hamill Psychology
Teaching Innovation & Excellence Marshall Whittlesey Mathematics
Outstanding Lecturer Natalie Wilson Women's Studies & LTWR
Scholarship & Creative Activity Judit Hersko Visual & Performing Arts
Service Leadership Glen Brodowsky Marketing
Teaching Innovation & Excellence Edward Price Physics
Outstanding Lecturer Jonathan Marion Anthropolgy
Scholarship & Creative Activity Bianca Mothé Biology
Service Leadership Janet McDaniel School of Education
Teaching Innovation & Excellence Jocelyn Ahlers Liberal Studies
Teaching Innovation & Excellence Elizabeth Matthews Political Science
Scholarship & Creative Activity Andrea Liss Visual & Performing Arts
Service Leadership Marie Thomas Psychology
Outstanding Lecturer Deborah Bennett Nursing
Teaching Excellence Veronica Anover World Languages
Scholarship & Creative Activity Peter Arnade History
Service Leadership Patty Seleski History
Outstanding Lecturer Kimber Quinney History
Excellence in Teaching & Learning Karno Ng Chemistry & Biochemistry
Scholarship & Creative Activity Rajnandini Pillai Management
Service Leadership Kathleen Watson Management
Contributions to Student Success Fredi Avalos Communication
Excellence in Teaching & Learning Soheila Jorjani Production & Operations Management
Scholarship & Creative Activity Jill Watts History
Service Leadership Sharon Elise Sociology
Innovation in Teaching Chuck De Leone Physics
Scholarship & Creative Activity Victoria Fabry Biology
Service Leadership Alice Quiocho Education