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Upcoming Fee Deadlines

Term Due Date
Winter Intersession 2020 December 11, 2019
Extended Learning - ESN December 11, 2019
Spring 2020 January 15, 2020
Extended Learning - ES4 February 26, 2020
Extended Learning - E82 March 11, 2020
Extended Leaning - ENS March 25, 2020

Fees are due immediately for any registration that occurs after the listed due date.

Important Fees & Deadlines Information

​Payments must be received no later than 5:00 pm if paying in-person at Student Financial Services, or 11:30 pm if paying online.

​If all mandatory campus fees and tuition are not paid in full by the due date, you risk having all of your classes dropped.

If after making the full payment, additional registration occurs that increases your fees (changing from part-time tuition rate to full-time tuition rate for example), the additional fees will be due according to the same due dates listed above.

​Only students who drop all of their classes prior to the first day of the term, will be guaranteed non-enrollment. In order to avoid a debt to the university, students must drop all courses prior to the first day of the term (August 26th, 2019).

Please Note: The fee structure and drop/refund policies associated with Extended Learning (EL) may have a different fee structure and drop/refund policy.

While Student Financial Services will send communications that include fee deadline reminders, it is the sole responsibility of each student to pay all fees by the stated deadlines listed above.