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Upcoming Deadlines

Summer 2024 Due Dates

All tuition and fees for the Summer 2024 term are due May 15, 2024.

Payment plans are available.

                   Sample Summer Fee Amounts

Sample Fees
Fee Amount
Tuition $1,665
Mandatory Campus Fees $87
Total* $1,752

*Sample represents an undergraduate student enrolled in 6 units.

The "Remaining Balance" in your Account Summary will reveal the exact amount you are responsible to pay:

To review what amount is owed by due date, click the “Charges by Due Date” link in the Finances section of your Student Center.

In the “Charges by Due Date” page, you can review what amount is due by each due date.

Important Pending Financial Aid will not appear on this page until it is disbursed.  Once disbursed, the charges due will automatically update with reduced amounts.

Charges DUe

It is recommended that you log in to your Student Center at MyCSUSM to review your account and arrange for payment prior to any deadline.

You have four options for making a payment:

  • Make a payment online via your Student Center. E-Check payment is free!
  • In-person at Cougar Central, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (cash, checks and debit cards only).
  • Drop a check or money order in the drop-box on the wall outside of Cougar Central
  • Mail check or money order to:
Att: Student Financial Services
333 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd
San Marcos, CA  92096

Past-Due Student Accounts

Failure to pay in full by published due dates may result in any of the following:

  • Enrollment cancellation from all courses. With class capacities changing daily, it may not be possible to get back into the same classes;
  • Pro-rated fees. If you fail to drop all of your classes by the first day of the term, you may owe approximately 1% of your total fees, per calendar day from the first day of the term until the day of cancellation;
  • Registration hold on your student account which prevents you from registering and adding or dropping classes;
  • Diploma hold, preventing receipt of diploma upon graduation;
  • Late fees of $15.00 each (up to a maximum of $45.00 per term);
  • Loss of eligibility for utilizing installment payment plans for subsequent terms;
  • Collection actions, including interception of state tax refunds from the Franchise Tax Board and referral of debt to a collections agency.

Student Financial Services can help!  Please contact us any time you have questions or concerns regarding your student account:  760-750-4490 or