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Resources and Information for New Faculty Employees

  • New Employee Sign-In

    Deirdre Lowell-Caldera in Faculty Affairs manages the new employee sign-in process.  New tenure-track faculty members will receive a detailed letter from Deirdre with a list of required forms and documents. 

    Please contact Deirdre at (760) 750-4051 or to set up an appointment.

  • Faculty ID, Audio/Visual Requests

    The University utilizes a digital form of Campus ID accessed from the CSUSM Campus App that is free.  If you so choose you can purchase an actual printed/plastic card for a nominal fee. Please visit this website for more information.

    The Media Library can also assist you with all of your audio/Visual equipment requests. Please visit their website for more information.    Their phone number is (760) 750-4348.

  • Cougar Courses (IITS)

    All courses receive a "moodle shell" on a site called "Cougar Courses."  This is akin to "Blackboard" and allows you, even if you have no online instructional component, to offer students ready access to syllabus, assignments, and other course information as well as a means for you to send announcements (through the "news" forum) to your students in a particular course. 

    Please see the IITS webpage or contact for any assistance or visit them on the 2nd floor of Kellogg library for any tutorial assistance.

  • Username and Password/Email
    It is important to set up your email as soon as possible since this is the major form of campus communication for myriad issues of importance to faculty.  Your username and password will be sent to you on or before the faculty pre-instruction days.  If you have any issues with your username and password, please contact the Computing Helpdesk at (760) 750-4790.  They are located in Kellogg Library 2013.
  • Office Hours
    University practice is that faculty members hold one office hour per week, per course taught on campus, though often people teaching an online course may schedule that contact as "online" also.  Please send your office hours to the department at your earliest convenience before the beginning of the semester, and we will make certain they get posted on your office door.  Your office hours will also be posted online for the students by the end of the first week of the semester.
  • Shared Office (Lecturers)
    You will be assigned to an office that you may or may not share with another professor.  This office has a computer and a printer that you may use to print.  Please feel free to use this computer for all of your printing needs. But we suggest that if you need to make many copies to only print one copy using the shared office printer, then using the copy machine in SBSB 4220 to make the rest of the copies. You may schedule time to work in the shared office or you may simply access the office whenever it is vacant.
  • Printing

    For tenure track faculty, you will need to add the workroom printer (SBSB 4220) to your computer before you can print.  Please contact the Computing Helpdesk for assistance with adding the printer to your system.  The Computing Helpdesk phone number is 760-750-4790.  Please let them know you are trying to add printer:  SBSB 4220.  In order to print you will need a copy code, which will be emailed to you on or before faculty pre-instruction days.

    For lecturers, you have access to the shared office, which contains a local printer. Once you make one copy, you may use this copy to make more copies using the copy machine located in SBSB 4220. In order to make copies, you will need a copy code, which will be emailed to you on or before faculty pre-instruction days.

  • Mailboxes
    Each faculty member has a mailbox on the 4th floor of SBSB.  For tenure track faculty, the mailboxes are located in the hallway next to the Faculty Lounge (room 4123). For lecturers, the mailboxes are located in the shared office (SBSB 4116). Please check your mailbox regularly and do not let the mailbox overflow.
  • Keys
    Your slide access card to SBSB, which will allow you to enter the building after hours, and the key to your office, will be available for pickup no later than the first day of classes at the University Services Building (USB) off of Barham Drive and La Moree Road.  The folks at USB will want to see your faculty ID or a CA driver's license.  For Tenure track, your key will open your assigned office as well as the main Sociology Department office and conference rooms. For lecturers, your key will open your assigned office and the shared office (to access the mailboxes and shared computer).
  • Phones

    The campus has moved to Microsoft Teams for it's telephone. 

    IITS has created a campus guide and a few short videos to help you get started using some of the key features.

    For new tenure track faculty, your campus phone extension will be sent to you on or before the faculty pre-instruction days. 

  • Book Orders
    We recommend placing your book order as soon as possible.  You can place your order by contacting Steve Magana at (760) 750-4734 or
  • Desk/Examination Copies
    If you would like us to order desk copies for you, please complete the online Desk Copy Request Form
  • Class Rosters

    Your class rosters can be accessed through myCSUSM, which is found on the University homepage under CAMPUS APPS in the upper right corner.  For instructions on how to download class rosters, please follow this link:  Faculty Self Service

    You will use your username and password to access the portal.  If you have difficulties, please contact the Computing Helpdesk at (760) 750-4790.

  • Syllabus(i)
    Please e-mail the department an electronic copy of your syllabus(i) by the end of the first week of classes for archival purposes.  Please save the file with lowercase letters and no spaces or symbols using the following format:  soc_115_elise_spring_2012.pdf  Academic Programs requires that we submit all syllabi to them using the above-referenced format, so your time and attention to this detail is greatly appreciated.
  • Adds/Drops
    Please email the Office of the Registrar ( by the add/drop deadline (generally two weeks from the first official day of classes) in order to drop students who enroll in your classes but who never show up.  They will need the students' names, IDs (located on your class roster), course number, and section number.  Your email must come from your campus email account.
  • Student Evaluations
    Student evaluations will be emailed to you a few weeks after each semester ends.
  • Advising
    Student advising is assigned to our faculty members by alphabetical order.  All faculty members advise both Sociology & Criminology and Justice Studies majors.  The Graduate Coordinator handles all of the advising for our MASP graduate students and the department chair sees a tremendous number of students with special advising problems and concerns.
  • Campus Map
  • Parking
    To obtain a faculty parking pass, please visit the Parking and Commuter Services website or their office located in the Public Safety Building #63 (PSB). They are on the corner of LaMoree and Campus View Drive (next to the SPRINTER station). 
  • Guest Parking Passes
    If you would like to request a parking pass for a campus visitor, please complete and submit the following online form at least 48 hours in advance of the visit: parking permit request. Parking passes will be available for your guest on the day of the campus visit at the Parking and Commuter Services office located in the Public Safety Building #63 (PSB).  They are located on the corner of LaMoree and Campus View Drive (next to the SPRINTER station).  If you wish, you may pick the parking pass for your guest prior to the day of their visit -- just let us know you wish to do that when you submit the request.
  • Conference Room Reservations
    If you would like to reserve a conference room, please submit the following online form, and we will notify you once the room has been reserved: Conference Room Reservation. Generally, it takes Events and Conference Services 3-4 days to approve a location otherwise you are not allowed to use the location, so please plan accordingly.
  • Travel

    There are two very important reasons why the proper travel paperwork should always be filed on your behalf before you travel on University business.  The first reason is to ensure you are covered on the University's liability policy in case of an accident.  The second reason is that the University will not reimburse you for your travel expenses if you take a business-related trip without informing them first.  The main reason for  this is that the University needs verification from the Department that the funds for your travel exist and are available fo your use.

    The form that needs to be filed for you before you travel is called the Travel Authorization Form (TAF) or more affectionately referred to as "the green form."  In order for us to process a TAF for you, we will need you to submit the following online form at least 3-4 weeks before you travel domestically and 60 days before you travel internationally:  Travel Form .

    If you could please collect all of your travel receipts in an envelope and give them to Maria Clements as soon as you return, we will process your travel claim and try to get your reimbursement out to you as soon as possible.  Reimbursement generally takes three to four weeks from the time we submit the claim.

  • Emergencies (3111)
    3111 is the extension to dial in case of emergencies on campus.