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Programs of Study

The School of Arts at CSU San Marcos provides an exciting multidisciplinary approach to the arts which embraces the cultural richness of southern California. A degree in Visual and Performing Arts consists of a sequence of courses that illuminates and emphasizes the benefits of our cross-cultural heritage, presented in the framework of a dynamic experiential, theoretical and technological environment. The curriculum encourages interdisciplinary work, collaboration, and student self-direction.

As each student's educational goals and needs are different, The School of Arts provides the opportunity for majors to be directly involved in the design and pursuit of their education. A core of courses provides a broad theoretical and experiential introduction to the arts. Students specialize in one area by following "Track" providing a series of appropriate courses. Courses in the track are selected consultation with a SofA advisor.

Arts & Technology Option

Designed for students who wish to work with digital arts, multimedia, video, and/or web design. This interdisciplinary track emphasizes various digital media including music, video and the visual arts.

Theatre Option

Provides courses in acting, theatre production, and research to performance. Survey courses include European, Latin American and American Theatre, with a strong focus on African American and Latino Theatre.

Visual Arts Option

Designed for students who work creatively and innovatively in drawing, painting, and sculpture, as well as with digital media. It allows the student great flexibility in choosing among the program's offerings in both studio and critical/theoretical work.

Requirements for VPA Minors

The Visual and Performing Arts Minors offer the student the opportunity to pursue studies in music, theater, visual arts, dance, art history, or any combination of the above. An emphasis in Arts & Technology or Arts & Education is also possible. With the help of an advisor, students create a discipline-specific or multidisciplinary minor by choosing courses from two areas: Critical/Theoretical Course or Studio Courses. All courses submitted for the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better. Independent Studies, research, or internships cannot be counted toward the minor.