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Student Financial Resources and Support

The ASI Cougar Pantry serves all CSUSM students in an effort to decrease food insecurity on campus. The pantry stocks a variety of dry and canned goods, limited produce, milk, toiletries, and diapers. A service and initiative of the ASI Board of Directors, the ASI Cougar Pantry is managed by a team of students, interns, volunteers, and staff.

CalFresh helps by giving students funds for healthy and nutritious food so they can stress less about a budget for groceries and focus more on school! CalFresh is a USDA-funded program, designed to allow students to live a healthy lifestyle. CalFresh is free money for groceries that students do NOT have to pay back! 
Cal Fresh

The ASI Student Emergency Fund provides compassionate assistance to students who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies or catastrophic events that disrupt their progress towards a degree. Funded by Associated Students Inc. and private donations, the ASI Student Emergency Fund (SEF) is a collaboration between Cougar Care Network, University Advancement, and ASI. 

ASI Leadership Funds provide leadership funding directly to recognized, CSUSM student organizations to continue their events and efforts on campus. With virtual instruction, it is more important than ever for students to stay engaged with their fellow clubs and organizations as it helps build community, strengthen relationships, and keep students engaged. 
ASI Leadership Funding

Short-Term Loans
The short-term loan program provides no-cost, short-term financial assistance to CSUSM students for unexpected expenses, related to their pursuit of education. Students, for short-term loans, can request up to a maximum of $500.  No interest or fees are charged if repaid on-time. Learn more 

Short Term Loans

CHABSS Student Success Grant

CHABSS Student Success Grant
CHABSS faculty members may nominate CHABSS undergraduate or graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional academic skills/performance to present and/or attend conferences, workshops, or seminars. Additionally, the grant is available to provide training in a particular field of study and/or enhance particular academic or professional skills. Travel is allowed in accordance with university policy.

CHABSS undergraduate and graduate students may self-advocate for this grant by speaking with their favorite professor.

Graduate Studies and Research - Student Travel Resources
There are opportunities for student research and travel support at CSUSM. Students are welcome to apply until funds for the current academic year are exhausted. Funds are available for undergraduate and graduate students.

Student Travel Resources

There are a number of specialized programs for which the student must be a participant that offers small grants and gift cards:
- Project Rebound
- ACE Scholars
- TRIO Student Support Services
- Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)