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Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty and Librarian Resources

Collective Bargaining Agreement (Unit 3 - Faculty)
November 12, 2014 -June 30, 2017
Please note:  This is a direct link to Systemwide Human Resources at the Chancellor's Office.

Faculty Evaluation Policies
Evaluation procedures for tenured, tenure-track, RTP documents; and Timetable for Periodic Evaluation and Performance Review

Absence from Class and Leaves of Absence
Difference in Pay Leave, Sabbatical, Notice of Absence Form

Faculty Early Retirement Program

University Policies and Procedures website

TIP:  on the left side menu of the Policies Web Page click Current Documents.  You may then sort policies A-Z, by Division or by Implementation Date.

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At the top of the SEARCH BOX type a key word contained in the policy you are looking for.  For example, for Retention, Tenure and Promotion policies type the word "retention", this will bring up all policies for retention.  you can then click on the specific policy you need.

Reporting Academic Dishonesty (Plagiarism)