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How to sign up?

You may fulfill the CSU Early Start Program by:

  • Completing an on-campus course this summer at CSUSM (all CSUSM Early Start courses will require students to physically attend classes on the San Marcos campus), or
  • Completing an on-campus or online course this summer offered by another CSU campus

Please be aware that each Early Start option is different.  Some Early Start options will simply allow you to do the minimum to complete the Early Start requirement, while others will provide you with the opportunity to begin your GE requirements with supported instruction.  When browsing the Early Start options available to you, please read the descriptions carefully to determine what the outcomes will be.  For students coming to the Early Start information Session on June 1, 2019, we will help you determine what course(s) will provide you with the maximum benefit and help you register that day.

The Early Start Registration will open on May 1, 2019. That is where you will select what campus to participate in during summer. All CSUSM students will automatically be defaulted to CSUSM. If you wish to attend another CSU for the Early Start program your registration page will need to be changed in order for you to select a different CSU campus.

How to Enroll in Early Start

To enroll in the CSU Early Start Program:

  1. Go to the CSU Registration Page link, which is located in your MyCSUSM account. 
  2. 2019 Early Start Registration Instructions.
  3. Review your CSU Registration Page to:
      Find out if you need to participate in Early Start.
      Find out if you qualify for an Early Start fee waiver based on your FAFSA information.
  4. Students admitted to CSUSM: 
      Your location to take Early Start classes will default to CSUSM on the Registration Page. 
      You may change the location to take Early Start classes on the Registration Page if necessary.
  5. Enroll in Early Start classes at CSUSM.