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Academic Disqualification

A few words about Academic Disqualification:

  • Academic disqualification occurs when a student fails to meet the standards for academic performance and progress. Once disqualified, students may not continue to attend CSUSM and a ‘hold’ is placed on their registration.
  • Disqualified students must take a mandatory ‘one out’ semester to develop a comprehensive success plan that demonstrates evidence of academic success that would lead to reinstatement and eventually to graduation.
  • To be Academically Disqualified usually refers to when your final grades are posted to your record and you now have fallen under the required GPA for the corresponding academic levels. Ordinarily this would happen after having been first placed on Academic Notice the prior semester.

Academic Disqualification of students not previously placed on Academic Notice (very rare):

  • Keep in mind: While students usually will have been placed on Academic Notice the prior semester, the University maintains the right to Academically Disqualify a student without having first placed that student on Academic Notice the prior semester.
  • Per Catalog:
    • Undergraduate students not on Academic Notice shall be disqualified when: At the end of any term, the student has a cumulative grade point average below 1.0 (a grade of D), and the cumulative grade point average is so low that it is unlikely, in light of their overall education record, that the deficiency will be removed in a reasonable period.

Should you become Academically Disqualified and wish to attempt to return to CSUSM there is a reinstatement petition process you must follow:

  • Review the Reinstatement Website
  • Understand the mandatory “out-one” semester policy and what to do if you remain out additional semesters past your “out-one”.