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Steps to Improving Your Academic Success

When a student is placed on Academic Probation a hold is placed on their student record.
  • For freshmen-level students, this hold prevents future registration activity until an option to remove that hold is completed. 
  • These options range from meeting with a specialized program counselor, attending an Academic Success Workshop (to develop specific academic success skills), meeting with a Personalized Academic Success Counselor, or meeting with an Academic Advisor. These options are clarified in an email sent out to students on Academic Probation Status near the beginning of each semester.
  • Sophomore, Junior, and Senior-level students are also sent this same options email. While a hold is placed, currently this hold will not impact future registration activity.
  • We’d like to see all students who have been placed on Academic Probation take advantage of these options.
Additional steps you can take right now:

What can happen if I continue to struggle academically?