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Academic Notice Checklist

If you are on Academic Notice or if you would like to learn more about Academic Notice, you can do the following:

  • Register and attend one of the live  workshops scheduled for this semester.
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with PASS. Note: If you are in EOP, SSS, CAMP or ACE, you will meet with your program counselor/advisor instead of PASS for individual assistance.
  • Contact/schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor.
  • Review Academic Notice, Disqualification and GPA policies in the Catalog.
  • Learn how to calculate your GPA.  Consult with Academic Advising and PASS if you have questions.
  • Utilize campus resources to help you in areas that you know have impacted your academic status.
  • Create a customized Student Success Plan with PASS and start to implement your plan to get back on track.  Continue to meet and keep in contact with PASS to provide updates on your progress and/or work on academic success strategies and skills.
  • If you have attended or viewed the Academic Notice workshop (in-person/online) feel free to make an appointment with PASS to receive individualized assistance and follow-up.  The workshop only covers general information. (Optional).
  • Remember, getting assistance and taking action early will help you to avoid Academic Disqualification, so please follow these steps and don’t hesitate to ask for help.  

Register for Academic Success Strategies Workshop

Fro more information visit Academic Notice.