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Faculty/Staff/Campus Community

If you know students who may need student support counseling/academic coaching, feel free to refer them to PASS.
Some common referral issues may include:

  • Attendance issues
  • Not completing/turning in assignments
  • Declining grades on exams, quizzes, assignments
  • Time management/procrastination
  • Difficulty balancing priorities
  • Lack of motivation
  • Personal issues impacting academics
  • Study Skills
  • Difficulty adjusting to college

Options to connect students to PASS support and resources:

  1. Provide students with PASS contact information.
  2. Contact PASS directly via email or phone to consult and refer students.
  3. Invite PASS to visit your class, office, department, organization, etc. for a brief introduction presentation to learn more about our services.

To make an appointment, call 760-750-6066 or email