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Math 101 and Math 105 Facilitation

Do you need additional help in Math 101/1 or Math 105/5?

One-on-one online appointments are available!

Spring 2023 Schedule

  • Monday: 1pm-4pm
  • Tuesday: 9:30am-2pm
  • Wednesday: N/A
  • Thursday: 9:30am-2pm
  • Friday: 12pm-1pm

Please give us a call if these times do not work for you. We can be reached by calling (760) 750-6060.
Schedule a Math 101/1 or Math 105/5 Facilitation Appointment

Steps to Schedule an Appointment

1. Log into Appointments 

2. Select Proficiency Services (Kellogg Library 1105)

3. For Subject Area- Math Facilitator Zoom Appointment 

4. Select a time

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