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Spring 2024 PASS Academic Success & Strategies Workshops

PASS Academic and Personal Development workshops are available for all CSUSM students. Workshops are developed and presented in collaboration with other campus departments/programs, such as Proficiency Services, Writing Center, STEM Student Success Center, Undergraduate Advising Services, and Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).  We look forward to your participation at our workshops!

Get to Know Your Syllabi

How to read, retain, and rock your syllabus! Your syllabus has everything you need to know to be successful in your classes. Join us to learn what to look for in your syllabus and how to use it to your advantage.

Time Management

Learn techniques to effectively manage your time to work towards academic and personal success. Don't delay start today!!!

Note Taking Strategies

Do you find yourself either taking too much, too little or no notes? Can you understand the notes you took when you need to review them? Is it impacting your academics success? Learn strategies and tips for effective note-taking to be successful in college and beyond.

Reading Strategies

Learn the mechanics of reading college material and the strategies to improve your comprehension. 

Test-Taking Strategies

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what to do before, during and after your exam.  Also, you will learn about various resources on campus to help you prepare, gain skills and get support. 

Study Skill Toolbox

Come learn the secrets of the learning masters. Find out the keys for successful studying:motivation, metacognition, learning strategies, study tactics and environmental preferences. 

Preparing for Finals

Learn how to create a final exam preparation plan. Get a head start on planning to reduce stress and get ahead. 

Enrolling at the Community College

Learn how to apply and enroll in courses at a community college that can transfer to your credits/units: Enrolling at the Community College.pptx

Academic Recovery 

Learn about Academic Notice policies and academic recovery. Create an academic success plan to get back on track! Connect with resources and services to help navigate challenges that may have impacted you academically. Learn more about academic recovery

Learn how to create a final exam preparation plan. Get a head start on planning to reduce stress and get ahead. 

Navigating MyCSUSM

Degree Planner & ARR

Finances (Direct Deposit, Financial Aid, etc.)

Course Selection


PASS Workshops are open to all CSUSM students. 

Please check online prior to attending for updated workshop/location details or call 760-750-6066.
*Dates, times and topics may be subject to change.

Workshop Dates
Date Topic Time Location
1/30/24 Get to know your Syllabi 12-12:50pm Zoom
2/6/24 Navigating MyCSUSM  12-12:50pm Kellogg Library 1103
2/13/24 Time Management  12-12:50pm Kellogg Library 1103
2/20/24 Free Form Canceled Cancelled
2/27/24 Academic Recovery  12-12:50pm Zoom
3/5/24 Creating a Presentation with Keynote 12-12:50pm Kellogg Library 1103
3/12/24 Study Skills Toolbox 12-12:50pm Kellogg Library 1103
3/26/24 Academic Recovery 12-12:50pm Cancelled
4/4/24 Pathways to Community College 12-12:50pm Kellogg Library 1103
4/9/24 Navigating MyCSUSM  12-12:50pm Kellogg Library 1103
4/16/24 Task Automation with Shortcuts 12-12:50pm Kellogg Library 1103
4/23/24 Academic Recovery 12-12:50pm Online
4/30/24 Navigating Handshake 12-12:50pm Kellogg Library 1103
5/7/24 Preparing for Finals 12-12:50pm Kellogg Library 1103