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Proficiency Requirements - For Current Fall 2017 Freshmen Only

URGENT NOTICE: On August 2, 2017, the CSU Chancellor’s Office issued Executive Order 1110, which provides policy changes to the way we serve incoming students. One of the changes eliminates the ELM and EPT exams. Please note that the current information is for Fall 2017 freshmen. Incoming freshman are still required to participate in Early Start if they have not demonstrated readiness in English or math. Please continue checking the website for updates.

The English and Math proficiency requirements must be cleared in the first year of a student's first year of enrollment at California State University San Marcos.  Students who do not clear these requirements within their first year of enrollment at CSUSM will be disenrolled from the university and not allowed to return until they have done so.  Below, you will find links to inform you of the details of these requirements:

CSU College readiness matrix CSU Your Pathway to College Readiness (PDF)