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Alumni Award 2018

Dr. Sepinwall, Dr. Watts, Candice and Dr. Charles

Distinguished Alumni Award from the CSUSM Department of History

The Department of History has recognized Candace Van Dall with the 2018 Outstanding History Department Alumni Award. Candace, who earned her CSUSM degree in History (1995), has been a CSUSM employee from the very beginning of the institution. Having begun her career at San Diego State University in 1976, she is now retiring with 30 years of CSU experience. She certainly has a unique perspective on the university, and its history, from her position in the office of Registration and Records.  In the early years, when the university did not yet have academic advisors, Candace often assumed that role. As a student, Candace focused her attention as undergraduate on women and higher education. After finishing her degree at CSUSM, she earned a Masters of Education from SDSU. Over the years, Candace has been a active supporter of the Department of History and its activities, and she is a donor to the university. The faculty of the Department of History congratulate Candace upon her retirement and commends her as a dedicated and exemplary student, colleague, and community member.