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Background Checks & Drug Tests

The following applies to all Nursing Programs:

Required Background Checks/Prior Convictions

Admission to the Nursing Program is continent upon receiving a 'negative' result on a required Criminal Background Check. The background check will include county, statewide, and federal screening. Students who have reason to believe that a background check would reveal a prior misdemeanor or felony, must get these matters expunged from their record prior to being admitted into the Nursing program, or you should seek another career path.

Obtaining a 'negative' result on the Criminal Background Check is a mandatory requirement of our Consortium of clinical sites, and therefore, we will not admit any students who do not obtain a negative Background Check result. We will provide students with full instructions on how and where to complete this background check once you are provisionally admitted to the program. This is not something that can be completed ahead of time. 

Drug Testing

Like the Criminal Background Check, all provisionally-admitted students must also clear a urine drug test, prior to being officially admitted to a Nursing program.  Further instructions will be provided at the time that applicants are provisionally admitted.