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URSCA Definition

Operational Definition of “Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, or Creative Activity” [URSCA] 

Student participation in URSCA is operationally defined as significant, individual engagement in research, scholarship, or creative activity that 1) culminates in a project that makes an original intellectual, scholarly, or creative contribution to the discipline(s) or in an interdisciplinary area, 2) is guided by a mentor (e.g., faculty, graduate student, or staff) who provides feedback, and 3) helps students develop scholarly and/or creative independence, originality, and autonomy. The student’s activity in the project should address a specific question, problem, or goal that is relevant to the discipline(s), utilize appropriate methodologies, adhere to the standards of the discipline(s), and aim to contribute to dissemination through publication, presentation, performance, or exhibition. 

For any particular academic term (including winter and summer terms), students demonstrate this participation in one of the following ways: 

1) Achievement of a passing grade in a supervisory or independent study course (e.g., 49x) 

2) Achievement of a passing grade in a course that involves undergraduate research, scholarship, or creative activity that fits the definition above, certified by the course’s primary instructor each term 

3) 10 or more hours over an academic term engaged in activities outlined in the URSCA definition, certified by the student’s primary