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School of Arts
Music Department

The Music Department strives for solid traditional training practices while exposing students to advance music technology. As a department we ensure that students understand the context of music based off multiple cultures around the world. Our curriculum is designed for maximum flexibility while encouraging students to learn about a wide variety of musical practices.

CSU San Marcos is proud to be an All-Steinway Piano School.

Jan-Ericson Milan
Jan-Ericson Milan

Come with Tenor Jan-Ericson Milan as he reflects on his journey through University!

The recital consists of classical vocal pieces, with a spread ranging from Musicals such as Les Misérables, to Arias from Opera such as Martha.  Join us for Reflections Of The Heart as Jan-Ericson performs each piece addressing various sentiments: Faith, Loss, and Love.  Three expressions of emotion, spread across three languages, making for a memorable afternoon performance.

Jan-Ericson is joined by Pianist, Dana Burnett.

Spend an afternoon of aural delight with us as Jan-Ericson presents his take on Reflections Of The Heart.

April 21, 2024

4:00pm in ARTS 111

Free Admission