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School of Arts - Art, Media, and Design

02.13.2019 Our very own David Avalos played a seminal role in the realization of the mural "In this Classroom, There Are No Walls." 

01.14.2019 Catch Rizzhel Javier live on 1/15/2019 on KUSI 9:20am to learn more about her project "Little Saigon Stories".

Little Saigon Stories

01.12.2019 See Lucy Solomon's work The League of Imaginary Scientist

Display: a "waiting-for-the-rain machine” with The League of Imaginary Scientists, and an installation combining fungi and books (“Thinking like a Mushroom”) with the collective Cesar & Lois.

 Less locally, Cesar & Lois is exhibiting the project, "Crossing Knowledge Systems: Conversations across Nature and Humanity,” at the Galeria Wydziatu Intermediów in Krakow, Poland, where our art is a finalist for ICIA (International Competition for Intermedia Art)An Integrated Bhiobrid Reality: Degenerative Cultures is also on exhibit in The Urgency of Reality in a Hyper-Connected Age, as part of SIGGRAPH2019.


CSUSM Art Professor Shares Win for Global Award in A.I. and Professor's Art Collective Receives Lumen Prize


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