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Leslie Foster

Faculty Bio

Through his work with experimental film and installation, Los Angeles-based artist and Art, Media, and Design assistant professor H. Leslie Foster II (he/him) uses experimental film, object-making, and installation art to create fleeting pocket universes and contemplative ecologies that explore Black and queer futurity through the lens of dream logic. Leslie completed his MFA in Design | Media Arts at UCLA in 2022 and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture the same year.

Leslie’s work has has been exhibited at numerous film and video art festivals around the world, including Outfest, where his four-channel installation Heavenly Brown Body, won the documentary Grand Jury Prize. The work has also been exhibited internationally and includes an exhibition at the Torrance Art Museum and a showcase at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, as well as two solo shows. Leslie’s art practice is designed to quietly subvert existing power dynamics while inviting viewers into turbulent space through the beautifully strange. He regularly daydreams of running away with a band of nomadic, sea-faring artists. 

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Leslie Foster