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Using Our Services

Visiting for a GEW requirement? Print and complete a Writing Center Agenda Form

Visting for another class and need proof for your visit? Tell our front desk when you arrive!


You can expect a welcoming environment operated by friendly, trained peer-educators. You will find plenty of computers, supplies, and workspaces to use of during your visit. Our student assistants will welcome you at the door, answer any questions about our services, and direct you to our many resources. From there, you will meet your tutor or find a space to call your own.

Our tutors will meet you at your seat or help you find a productive workspace.  They are here to help you grow as a writer in any way you wish to grow. Developing new grammar skills? Let's get down to the sentence level. Practicing an unfamiliar form of argument? We can't wait to help you prove'em wrong. Brainstorming for a huge, tough project? We'll roll up our sleeves and work right next to you!

You are welcome to walk-in or reserve a session. Feel free use the space unbothered anytime or use the space in seek of support. If you are seeking support, you can find it in one of a few forms:

  • One-on-One Sessions where a tutor will sit and talk about your writing with you. These tutoring sessions and all services offered by the Writing Center respect your ownership of your writing; we will not tell you what to do, but we will help you feel confident about makin
  • Buddy Sessions for students who want to enjoy tutoring with a friend. 
  • Workshops that help you apply a variety of topic lessons to your work and provide you with helpful resources to take with you. 
  • Retreats for groups of graduate students who want a quiet and tutor-supported space to chip away at their theses, proposals, and capstone projects. Retreats are also available for other specialized groups who seek a few moments of quiet, productive solidarity.

 Please know we are also committed to supporting English Learners as well as students transitioning into college after many years away, students transitioning from military service, and students with a non-typical exucational background. We have you covered. Our Academic English Language Specialist, Amanda Tomanek, not only meets with students regularly each week, but she also trains our tutors to work considerately and effectively with students who experience specific struggles with meeting the standards of academic readers. 

To learn more about our policies regarding reserving, canceling, and missing appointments, please visit our policies page