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Spring 2021 Viewfinder Administrator Survey

What is campus climate?

“The current attitudes, behaviors and standards of faculty, staff, administrators and students concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential.” (Susan Rankin, 2008)

Perception of Campus Climate

Administrators share their perceptions of the campus climate:

believe our campus is diverse

are encouraged to weave diversity/cultural competence into work

would recommend CSUSM to others considering working here

believe our campus is inclusive

Campus Communications

believe public announcements regarding internal communications and practices are honest and truthful.

believe CSUSM communicates effectively with staff, faculty, administrators about changes to campus operations.

Disparities on Campus

71% of Administrators

believe there are pay disparities

Job Satisfaction

75% of Administrators

love their job

Work Experiences

Administrators were asked to respond to statements about their work experiences at CSUSM.

  • 75% agree their performance evaluations are fair & impartial.
  • 69% Agree they utilize their full range of skills in their current position.
  • 63% Agree there is a great sense of belonging.

Political Views

Respondents report whether they can openly express their political views on campus.

  • 34% Strongly Agree/Agree
  • 29% Neutral
  • 37% Disagree/Strongly Disagree

Senior Leadership & Diversity Efforts

Believe senior leadership establishes the campus vision for diversity

Believe senior leadership shows a visible commitment to campus diversity

Believe senior leadership creates a culture of accountability

Administrator Voices

Themes From Open Ended Survey Questions

Felt Excluded/Not Welcome Due to Gender

"Not all colleagues treat female colleagues with the level of respect and professionalism they should."

Experienced Microaggressions

"[have heard]...racially insensitive comments, actions, and behaviors by senior leadership and faculty."

Unreasonable Workload / Burned Outs

"General exhaustion from the demands of the position."

Improve Climate for Varying Thoughts, Beliefs & Opinions

"I feel at times we, as an institution, need to find a balance and provide equal time and opportunities for the various held beliefs. I don't think that is the case."

The Survey Administration

This infographic summarizes quantitative and qualitative responses. Strongly Agree/Agree responses are combined.
Please contact institutional Planning & Analysis at with questions.