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Spring 2021 Viewfinder Faculty Survey

What is campus climate?

“The current attitudes, behaviors and standards of faculty, staff, administrators and students concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential.” (Susan Rankin, 2008)


Faculty were asked to respond to statements about their work experiences at CSUSM.

Agree that senior leadership creates a culture of accountability

Agree that all campus personnel are held to the same code of professional ethics and conduct

Agree that campus leaders areheld to appropriate measures of accountability and responsibility for campus climate


Interactions with Others

78% are satisfied overall with their interactions with other employees



Faculty Support

Faculty were asked to what extent they agree or disagree with statements about the support they receive from CSUSM.

Believe their Sabbatical leave is supported here

Believe their research is supported

Believe their writing is supported


Recommending CSUSM

75% of faculty

would recommend CSUSM to others considering working here

While 3 out of 4 respondents

are also satisfied with their employee benefit package.


Respect on Campus

Respondents report whether they feel respected by various groups on campus

  • 76% Strongly Agree/Agree: Faculty are respected by students
  • 69% Strongly Agree/Agree: Faculty are respected by
  • 60% Strongly Agree/Agree: Faculty are respected by other non
    tenure-track faculty
  • 51% Strongly Agree/Agree: Faculty are respected by administrators
  • 48% Strongly Agree/Agree: Faculty are respected by other tenured/tenuretrack faculty


Respondents report whether they have experienced microaggressions in their departments.

  • 49% Strongly Agree/Agree
  • 11% Neutral
  • 41% Disagree/Strongly Disagree

Diversity Training

63% of respondents feel they have received adequate diversity
training to engage with students and employees on campus

Classroom Curriculum

of respondents are encouraged to weave diversity/cultural competence into their curriculum

of respondents believe diverse perspectives can easily be found within our general education programs


Faculty Voices

Themes From Open Ended Survey Questions

Hire Individuals Committed
to Diversity

"Hire university leaders who are clear and experienced about diversity matters and who are assertive to address work conditions."

More Inclusivity Towards

"Make pay and benefits more equitable between tenure faculty and lecturers. Lecturers should not struggle with food and housing insecurity due to their "temp" status. Many permanent employees view lecturers as "cheap labor" or tokens instead of valuable educators."

All Areas of Diversity Should
be Acknowledged

"Diversity and inclusion should be about more than the few protected
statuses mentioned
by current law.

Appreciate Survey Efforts

"Thank you for the survey. I strongly support CSUSM's mission regarding inclusion and diversity. I just do not know who to talk to to express the concerns I
have about what I see in my department,"

The Survey Administration

The Viewfinder Campus Climate Survey was administered from April 13- May 4, 2021 to all faculty n= 896 employed during the Spring 2021 semester; 207 faculty responded to the survey (23% response rate).

This page summarizes quantitative and qualitative responses. Strongly Agree/Agree responses are combined. Please contact institutional Planning & Analysis at with questions.