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Pre-Nursing Core

The CSUSM courses below, or approved equivalents, meet the CSU Pre-Nursing Core requirement for entry to any of our BSN programs at CSU San Marcos. Please use the ASSIST Website for finding approved equivalents. We also honor any courses approved to meet the CSU Pre-Nursing Core at other CSU campuses with Nursing Programs.

Pre-Nursing Core Requirement CSUSM Course or Approved Equivalent
Oral Communication Any CSU GE A1 course
Written Communication GEW 101 or CSU GE A2 College English
Critical Thinking Any CSU GE A3 course
Statistics Any CSU GE B4 Statistics course
Human Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL 175, including lab
Human Anatomy & Physiology II BIOL 176, including lab
Microbiology BIOL 160, including lab
Chemistry CHEM 105/105L

Pre-Nursing Core Information

  • We require a CSU B4 Statistics for the BSN degree. The course must include a pre-requisite of Intermediate Algebra in the course desciption to be approved for articulation.
  • At our University we teach Anatomy and Physiology in a combined sequence. We will also accept approved Anatomy and Physiology courses and labs taught as separate semester-long courses.  But courses taken in these different sequences cannot be combined.
  • The CSU Pre-Nursing Core requires a single Chemistry course (and associated lab if required at the institution where the course was taken) or approved equivalents. An Integrated Chemistry course is recomended.  Please note: An Introduction to Chemistry course does not meet the requirement.
  • Some students take more than one A1 or A3 courses.  In these instances, we will use the course with the highest grade. Thus, if a student wants to earn a higher Pre-Nursing Core GPA, they have the option of taking a completely different course and content than was previously completed for an A1 or A3 course, and we will use the course with the highest grade. However, if a student completed a MATH B4 Statistics course and then takes a PSYC B4 Statistics course, we consider this the same content even though the courses were completed through different academic departments.
  • All Core courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C or better. We do not accept a grade of C- or below for any separately listed courses to be utilized for meeting the Pre-Nursing Core. In addition, students are limited to a maximum of two C's in the Pre-Nursing Core Science requirements.
  • Pre-Nursing Core courses can only be repeated once, and we will average the grades for the first and second attempts.
  • We weight-average the grades for each science requirement in the Pre-Nursing Core, but then equally average the grades for all eight of the Pre-Nursing Core requirements in order to reach the Core GPA used for admission purposes to the program.