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January 27, 2012- Welcome Back

January 27, 2012
Welcome Back

Welcome back, everyone. I hope you enjoyed your winter break and that you had a productive first week of classes. As you may have noticed, this is sure to be a very busy spring semester.

If you were able to keep up with the news over the past few weeks, you know that with the Governor’s projected budget, we continue to face difficult times as a public institution of higher education. Yet, at Cal State San Marcos, our careful and strategic planning has enabled us to grow and expand in meaningful ways that enhance student learning and campus life.

Several projects are currently underway that will further our ability to better serve students and cultivate stronger community relationships. These projects are changing the face of our campus and our region. They also demonstrate the significant benefits of our being a community-engaged institution.

The Quad, our new student housing, represents the best of public/private partnerships. Barham Trail, the sidewalk improvement and beautification project near The Quad, is being funded by the City of San Marcos and a grant from SANDAG. Likewise, The Quad developer is installing the stoplight that will go in at Barham and Campus View Drives.

To provide more open recreation opportunities for students, we are creating a multipurpose field, funded by student recreation fees. In a few weeks, we will break ground on the new student union, which is being supported through a student union fee.  

The white tent that will be going up near the parking structure next week represents my annual Report to the Community breakfast. On February 2, I will share with the larger community the myriad ways Cal State San Marcos initiatives impact our region. This year, nearly 500 community leaders — and the financial sponsors of the Report — will gather in the portable “event pavilion” to hear specifically how our university is engaged for the common good.

We clearly believe in smart growth at Cal State San Marcos, in growth that makes fiscal sense and that is done with the best interests of our students at its core. As our region’s most engaged university, we must continue to make the commitments that carry forth our vision of serving as many students as possible, of raising educational attainment rates, and of transforming families — all while maintaining jobs.

As we move through spring semester, I believe that if we communicate often and honestly about the issues that matter at this university, we can keep alive the positive spirit that sets us apart from other institutions. I wish you all the best for a rewarding semester.