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2011 Online Forum

2011 CSU Online Forum

On November 30, I held an open forum with faculty to discuss recent developments in plans for CSU Online. The main portion of the discussion was taped, and a link to that video is at the end of this introduction. As there was a technical issue with the beginning of the taping, what follows is an overview of the premise for the forum.

Certain presidents within the CSU have been working to develop more comprehensive degree and course offerings in an online format for CSU students. Over several meetings, the committee determined that an executive director of CSU Online needed to be hired and a board established. Both of these have been accomplished. The new director, Ruth Black, begins her position this month, and she aims to visit every CSU to meet with faculty and listen to your concerns and ideas regarding online course offerings.

A CSU Online Board also was formed to assist with oversight of the program. The board is comprised of four CSU presidents: Dr. John Welty, Fresno; Dr. Mildred Garcia, Dominguez Hills; Dr. Rollin Richmond, Humboldt; and me. Two faculty members, Otto Benavides (Fresno) and Jodie Ullman (San Bernardino), and one student, Michael Quibuyen (Long Beach), serve on the board along with Chico State Provost Sandra Flake, and Channel Island Dean of Extended Learning Gary Berge. The ex office officer is systemwide Academic Senate Chair James Postma of Chico.

The overarching goal of CSU Online is to expand access to qualified students to quality CSU courses and to help facilitate the time toward graduation. I don’t expect CSU Online as an entity to hire faculty, rather I sense that faculty at the CSUs that participate can elect to teach CSU Online courses.

I have said throughout the process, and in my discussions with CSUSM faculty, that I firmly believe that the CSU Online should be a coalition of the willing, with only CSUs interested in the program participating. I also think that for the program to work most effectively and efficiently that the backbones of the program, the infrastructure and technology, should be housed on a single campus.

During the forum, a few of the main topics discussed included:

  • Funding of CSU Online
  • Degree designations for students pursuing their degrees solely online
  • Can online students also take classes on a physical campus
  • Fee structure
  • Quality of instruction
  • Faculty support
  • Curriculum development
  • The addition of a research component on technology and teaching methods
  • Ideas to date from the systemwide senate, and from campus CSU senates.

As you view the video, I encourage you to note any questions or concerns that you may have.

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