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Advancement to Candidacy

  1. Have Classified status and be in good academic standing with no conditions.
  2. Read and understand the list of available projects.
  3. Obtain the permission and complete the form with a tenured or tenure-track Computer Science faculty who will act as the student’s advisor per the below timeline:
    • Upon completion of 9 units toward the degree;
    • Prior to the completion of 18 units toward the degree;
    • Must be before working on the last 12 units of your degree.
  4. Work with your advisor to come up with the plan of study for the cumulative experience (i.e. project or thesis):
    • A project or thesis proposal must be prepared.
    • The format and the content of the proposal will be decided by your advisor.
  5. After your advisor approves the proposal, work with your advisor to choose another tenured or tenure-track CSIS faculty to be on the committee:
    • One additional member may be added to provide expertise in the research area.
  6. Complete the Advising Sheet and submit to the Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science.
  7. Complete an Advancement to Candidacy Form, attach your proposal and submit to the Computer Science Graduate Coordinator.

Travel Money: While working on your thesis or project, visit the Office of Graduate Studies & Research if you need to go to a conference.

Courses to Take for Project or Thesis

  • CS 698 for Project (3 units for credit)
  • CS 699 for Thesis (up to 6 units for credit)

By the 14th week of the semester prior to taking CS 698 or CS 699, do the following: 

  1. Fill out an Independent Study Form.
  2. Attach your Advancement to Candidacy documents
  3. Obtain signatures including the Department Chair
  4. These steps must be completed in order to enroll in CS 698 or CS 699. 

If Additional Time is Required

  • Register for CS 700 if you need one additional semester to finish Thesis.
  • GRAD E699: if you have already submitted the thesis/project draft to the Committee and have set a date for the defense but need more time.