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CS Minor

Graduation Requirements for CS Minor

Today's world has computing everywhere. Add knowledge about computing to your major field of interest to expand your horizon and to understand how computers and software actually work.

The minor consists of at least twenty-six (26) units of study in Computer Science. Each course submitted toward the Computer Science minor must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better.

Required Courses (14 units)

  • CS 111: 4 units
  • CS 211: 4 units
  • CS 311: 3 units
  • Math 270: 3 units

At least twelve (12) units from any CS courses numbered 200 or higher; at least nine (9) units must be numbered 300 or higher. 

MATH 464 and MATH 480 may be applied toward this requirement.

Speak with a CS faculty member to choose electives to meet your needs and goals.