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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission - Why We Exist

The College of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (CSTEM) is a collaborative and inclusive community. We inspire, mentor, and empower our diverse students through transformative experiences in a welcoming and engaging learning environment to support their personal and professional success. 

Vision - What We Want To Be

The College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSTEM) is committed to becoming a regional and national center of STEM education, research, opportunity, and leadership, as well as an institution of choice for students of all backgrounds. We are scholars and innovators who embrace technological and pedagogical advancements to provide a responsive, inclusive, and engaging STEM education that advances our region and prepares our students to thrive in their future workplaces and communities.

Core Values

  1. Lifelong success of our students, staff, and faculty

  2. Excellence in teaching, research, and mentoring

  3. High-impact practices in education emphasizing active and applied learning

  4. Diversity, equity, inclusion and respect

  5. Welcoming and safe learning and working environments

  6. Partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations

  7. Innovation and continuous improvement