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CSTEM Spending Request Form

Please use the CSTEM SPENDING REQUEST FORM when requesting a purchase or expense related to professional development, startup or other source of funding coordinated at the department level as well as any COVID-19 related purchase.

 Requests requiring additional approvals:

□ Computers and technology-related purchases Exclusion List (additional IITS required approvals may be required)

□ Hiring Unit 11 employees (hiring timelines are determined by the Unit 11 CBA)

□ Any non-consumable item shipped to a location other than campus.

□ COVID-19 related purchase

Office Supplies:

Items required for assigned work from home during the COVID-19 emergency may be purchased by your unit staff on their ProCard and delivered to your home, after appropriate approval. Thus, professional development/start-up funds may not be needed for these items. Please inquire.

AA Professional Development for Faculty and Staff:

Professional development is defined as pursuit of knowledge or skill through study, research and/or creative activities, professional travel, conferences, workshops or courses that directly support and develop a person's professional growth in their discipline or career.  Appropriate expenditures may include supplies, equipment, books, professional memberships or subscriptions, and other costs related to professional development.  Hiring students to assist with research, scholarly and/or creative activities is permissible.  All purchases must follow CSUSM procurement policies.


  • Any items purchased with professional development funds are the property of CSUSM and must be returned to CSUSM for proper decommissioning, disposal or reuse per applicable policies.
  • Professional development funds must cover the entire cost of the item(s). Co-mingling of funds is not allowed; e.g., items cannot be purchased with 50% professional development funds and 50% personal funds.
  • Using university purchasing processes (e.g. ProCard; Purchase Order) is strongly encouraged and preferred over personal reimbursement.
  • Technology purchases and COVID-related purchases require approval from the Dean/Supervisor BEFORE purchasing and/or requesting from IITS.
  • Professional memberships or subscriptions are allowable if directly related to professional development; Supervisor or Department Chair approval is required.

 Information about Completing the CSTEM Spending Request Form:

Please fill out the required information which includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Department
  • Funding Verification Acknowledgement
  • Item Category (drop down list)
  • Business Purpose
  • Estimated Cost
  • Funding Source (drop down list)

There are also additional text boxes and options to add up to two documents to provide guidance and additional information to the reviewer and facilitator of the purchase.

For technology or software purchases, the budget coordinator will submit any additional forms that are required by IITS.

For Unit 11, posting, search, and hiring requirements must be fulfilled in accordance with the Unit 11 CBA. 

Upon Form Submission, the form will generate a confirmation email that will automatically be sent to the Submitter, Department Budget Coordinator, and the Dean’s Office Resource Analyst.