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CSTEM Spending Request Form


This form is for requests for spending for most CSTEM related funding sources. For lab funding, please reach out by email to the lead IST.

Professional Development

Pursuit of knowledge or skill through study, research and/or creative activities, professional travel, conferences, workshops or courses that directly support and develop a person's professional growth in their discipline or career.  Appropriate expenditures may include supplies, equipment, books, professional memberships or subscriptions, and other costs related to professional development.  Hiring students to assist with research, scholarly and/or creative activities is permissible.  All purchases must follow CSUSM procurement policies.

CSTEM guidelines for professional development funds

  • Are generally not approved for home offices, supplies, and equipment
  • Must be spent in the fiscal year received or by the date set when the funds were received

For additional information, visit the Professional Development website.

Guidelines and Information About Form Submission

  • Submitter
    • Confirm funding availability and funding source prior to submitting this form.
    • Allow 3-5 business days for normal processing
    • Expenses that require additional processing time or additional paperwork:
      • Events or hospitality related expenses, including IRB participant incentives
      • Hiring student employees (Unit 11 hiring timelines are determined by the Unit 11 CBA)
      • Software - (A finalized ITR is required prior to purchase)
      • Technology and technology related purchases except for items on the Exclusion List
      • Travel – CSUSM Travel Office
    • For shopping cart assignments, please include the staff name that the cart was assigned to.
    • The staff processing will fill out any additional paperwork for:
      • Unit 11 posting and hiring
      • Technology and technology related purchases not on the exclusion list
      • ITR (if the submitter initiates, please include the staff in the communications)
  • Routing
    • Forms are automated to route to the AC and Analyst Team and the appropriate staff will review and process requests.
  • Staff Processing
    • Reviews available funding
    • Submits the request to the appropriate review
      • DC for PD or department funding
      • Dean for startup and select auxiliary
      • PI for auxiliary funds where the submitter is not the PI
    • Communicates with submitter with questions and provides updates on request status
    • Forward or notify the submitter on requests involving travel with information or links to the appropriate process – Concur or Adobe
    • Submits and processes all Unit 11 CBA requirements including posting
    • Submits and/or coordinates with the analyst team on technology and technology related items not on the exclusion list
    • Submits or coordinates with submitter on the ITR
    • Updates the appropriate budget


  • Any items purchased with university and auxiliary funds are the property of CSUSM and must be returned to CSUSM for proper decommissioning, disposal or reuse per applicable policies.
  • Professional development funds must cover the entire cost of an ITEM: co-mingling of funds (i.e. 50% PD, 50% personal) is not allowed, with the exception of travel. For TRAVEL, any expense above or beyond available funding will be out of pocket.
  • Using university purchasing processes is strongly encouraged (e.g. ProCard; Purchase Order) for all purchases rather than reimbursement.