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CSTEM Additional Employment (AE)

Additional Employment Request Form 

This form is for faculty to report offers of Additional Employment (AE).

  • Reporting should include all offers of additional employment outside of the primary or normal appointment during an academic semester or work period.
  • This form is not an approval. It serves as a data collection tool for our staff to process or route the campus forms and record information correctly.
  • Additional paperwork may need to be processed before employment may begin such as an Employment Authorization Form (EAF) or a fully executed Special Consultant Agreement.
  • Up to three AE can be reported on one form. To report additional AE or make changes to earlier submissions, please submit a new form. 

For additional information on Additional Employment, please visit Faculty Affairs – Additional Employment.

Guidelines and Information about Form Submission

  • Submitter
    • Will submit all offers of additional employment on this form at least 4 weeks prior to the anticipated start date.
    • Attach any memos to the form or email additional information to the Resource and Operations Analyst, Amy Armstrong,
  • Analyst Processing
    • Reviews requests, compiles information, communicates with the faculty, PI/PD, admin staff or other appropriate staff to confirm all information provided, calculates work period workload, submits a request for approval through the campus process, e-files appropriate documents in PAF, and communicates approvals to appropriate staff.   NOTEPI/PD or project support staff will submit EAF for any employment for the CSUSM Corporation.
    • Compiles and tracks all faculty workload.