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CSTEM Lecturer Advisory Committee

The purpose of the LAC is to engage our adjunct faculty in periodic meetings with the Dean of CSTEM and provide lecturer representatives from each department in the college an opportunity share ideas and to discuss concerns. Working together, we aim to create an environment for more informed participation and collaboration in the affairs of lecturers at CSUSM.

  • Dr. Daun Barr Stansfield, Committee Chair, Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Ann Dickinson, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Ms. Sahar Mosleh, Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Ms. Jennifer Brich, Mathematics
  • Dr. Clarisa Bercovich Guelman, Physics


Representatives to the Faculty Consensus Group of the California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB):

  • Dr. Matt Escobar, Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Sajith Jayasinghe, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Dr. Robert Iafe, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Dr. Arun Sethuraman, Biological Sciences

Members of the Strategic Planning Council:

  • Dr. Matt Escobar, Biological Sciences
  • Dean Katherine Kantardjieff, College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

If you have questions or concerns about biotechnology, grant programs or curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact them.  The CSUPERB website URL is CSUPERB.


Two campus members serve as representatives on the Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST):

  • Dr. John Eme, Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Casey Mueller, Biological Sciences

Administrator Representative to COAST:

  • Dean Katherine Kantardjieff, College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

More information about COAST is available at:  COAST.

Ocean Studies Institute

The Ocean Studies Institute is a consortium of California State Universities who decided to pool their resources to more effectively explore the ocean and coastal regions. OSI currently consists of California State University Dominguez Hills, Fullerton, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Northridge, Pomona, San Bernadino, San Marcos, and Channel Islands.

OSI-SCMI Academic Representatives:

  • Dr. Jackie Trischman, Chemistry & Biochemistry 

Administrative Representatives:

  • Dr. Wes Schultz, Director, Graduate Studies & Research
  • Dr. Katherine Kantardjieff, Dean, College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (alternate)


  • Dr. David Bwambok, Chemistry & Biochemistry

CSUSM Offices

Office of Academic Programs:

  • Academic Calendar
  • Catalog and Catalog Addenda
  • Curriculum Records and Forms
  • First Year Programs and Foundations of Excellence
  • General Education Program
  • Program Review
  • Scheduling Information

Office of Faculty Affairs:

  • Academic Calendars & Academic Resources Calendar
  • Academic Student Employees - Unit 11
  • Benefits Summary for Faculty
  • CBA - Unit 3 Faculty
  • Tenure Track & Temporary Faculty Evaluation
  • Tenure Track & Temporary Faculty Recruitment and Hiring

The Faculty Center:

  • CSU Scholarships
  • Faculty Mentoring Program
  • Grants
  • NCHEA - North County Higher Education Alliance
  • Peer Coaching
  • Resources of Faculty
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Community Service Learning