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Department Chair & Program Director Resources

Department Chairs, AY 2023-24

Temporary Change in Modality

Temporary Change in Modality must be approved by the Department Chair and Dean for short periods. If there is an “Instructor in Charge” for the course, e.g. Math 101, all changes should be worked out with them before submission of this form. Stretches of change in modality longer than 2 weeks will require approval of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs as well. All approvals must be obtained prior to making the change where possible. Every effort should be made to disrupt the class as little as possible.  

CSUSM Absence from Class

Please complete the CSUSM Absence from Class/Class Support formsign it, and submit it to Courtney Dow, at least one week prior to the anticipated absence from class, or as soon thereafter as possible, if the absence was due to illness or emergency.  She will route the form to the Department Chair and the Dean and cc: you.  If you have any issues with the signature, please send the completed form to Courtney for signature routing.  Please ensure any all-day absences are entered into the CSUSM Absence Management System (PeopleSoft). You can enter your absence into the Absence Management System.  A CSTEM analyst will verify absence entry and enter any unreported absence on your behalf during the monthly time reporting process. 

Lecturer Hiring & Evaluations

Recruiting and Hiring of Lecturers

Timetable for University Evaluation Procedure