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Points of Pride

CSTEM Points of Pride

Beckman Scholars
This scholarship program is for biology, biotechnology, biochemistry or chemistry undergraduate students. Students who receive this award will be supported and mentored in an independent research project over two summers and the intervening academic year.
Bridges to STEM Cell Research
The Bridges to the Stem Cell Research Program is funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM).
HSI-STEM Iniative
Building an Effective Ecosystem for Equity in STEM Careers project is a five-year $5.0 million dollar federally funded effort to increase the success and degree attainment of hispanic and underserved students by creating an "EcosySTEM for Success".
NASA Aerospace Academy
A three-year, $480,000 grant from NASA to create an “aerospace academy” for local high school students, many of them from low-income backgrounds, operated through the Center for Research and Engagement in STEM Education (CRESE).
Professional Mentoring Program
CSTEM provides a mentoring program designed to engage undergraduate students with STEM industry professionals. Sponsored by John Gormally and Wells Fargo.
Quantum Information Science & Technology (QIST)
A 4-week experience centered on math preparation, hands-on STEM projects, and career and professional development.
CSTEM Research & Design Showcase
Poster sessions, capstone projects, and senior projects produced by students from all CSTEM disciplines. Inaugural Research & Design Day occurs on May 6, 2024.
Summer Scholars
Summer Scholars Program actively engages undergraduates in STEM research. Students are selected by faculty mentors and gain hands-on experience in highly interdisciplinary projects and learn to apply new instrumental techniques and analytical methods. Sponsored by Viasat Inc. and Encodia.
Super STEM Saturday
Super STEM Saturday is a one-day festival in March that engages kids of all ages and their families in the diverse and exciting fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Held in partnership with the College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics at CSUSM and The Classical Academies.
Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Lab (TERL)
The Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Lab studies and evaluates the effects of human activities, including land use and land cover change, atmospheric pollution and climate change on the structure and function of terrestrial ecosystems.