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Sustainable Graduation

Eco-friendly Photo Ideas

Interested in more eco-friendly alternatives for graduation photos? Well look no further: here are a few ideas to help get you started!



Though bubbles aren't exactly something you can toss in the air quite like confetti or flower petals, they can still add a cool, unique touch to your grad photos! There is a Pinterest board available for some awesome grad photos featuring bubbles you can check out for ideas.

Graduation photo of CSUSM student with bubbles in the background.


Hole-punched leaves or flower petals

These can be a great, inexpensive alternative to glitter! Not only do photos come out looking beautiful, but flowers and leaves come with the added bonus of being compostable once you are done with your photo op. Pinterest has a board for grad photo flower petal ideas that can be used as inspiration for leaves, as well! 

Hole-punched tree leaves in a container


Letter board, chalkboard, or picture frame

These can either be crafted, borrowed, thrifted, or purchased (to reuse, of course). Using any one of these can help put a more creative flair into your grad photos while omitting the need for plastic glitter. There are grad photo boards available on Pinterest for chalkboards, letter boards, and picture frames to help give you some inspiration if you need it!  


 Graduation photo of CSUSM student with letterboard.