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Conditions for a Special Major

  1. The student must complete the equivalent of one full-time semester of academic work at CSUSM and have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in all work completed at this University.
  2. At least thirty (30) semester units must remain to complete the minimum degree requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree.
  3. The Special Major Program consists of forty (40) semester units.
    • A minimum of twenty-four (24) units must be completed at the upper-division level [with nine to twelve (9-12) upper-division units in each area of study selected].
  4. Courses taken for lower-division or upper-division General Education credit may not be counted toward the special major.
  5. Up to six (6) units may be satisfied in field-based coursework such as independent study, internships, community work, and supervised work experience.
  6. Each student must complete a capstone project.
  7. The Special Major Program must be coherent sequence of courses developed in consultation with the student’s Faculty Guidance Committee.
  8. The Faculty Guidance Committee and the Dean will review all proposals.