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Spring 2021 Viewfinder Staff Survey

In Spring 2021, California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) embarked on a campuswide effort involving the administration of campus climate surveys to students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Each group was administered a different survey instrument to focus on their unique experience on campus. 

What is campus climate?

“The current attitudes, behaviors and standards of faculty, staff, administrators and students concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential.” (Susan Rankin, 2008)

Respect for Identities

Staff who identify as a Person of Color agreed that they felt respected, particularly when it came to being respected by other staff.

Staff of Color agree that they are respected by other staff

Staff of Color agree that they are respected by students

Staff of Color agree that they are respected by faculty

Staff of Color agree that they are respected by administrators

University Values

75% of Staff

agree that Multiculturalism is a core value of our institution's mission

Ability to Openly Express Identity

Staff report whether they can openly express their various identities on campus

  • 78% believe they can express their LGBTQIA+ gender identity/expression
  • 61% believe they can express their LGBTQIA+ sexual identity/orientation
  • 42% believe they can express their Religious and Spiritual Beliefs 
  • 40% believe they can express their Political Views

Safety on Campus

87% of Staff

feel safe on campus

Experiences on Campus

Staff were asked about their perception of the overall climate at CSUSM and their personal work experiences.

believe our campus is diverse

believe our campus is inclusive

feel that their work at CSUSM is valued

feel their work-life balance is appropriate

Exiting from CSUSM

Respondents were asked to share reasons why they may have considered leaving CSUSM.

53% Salary/benefits

are not adequate


No career advancement opportunities


Work not appreciated

Campus Commitment to Diversity Efforts

Senior leadership establishes the campus vision for diversity

Senior leadership shows a visible commitment to campus diversity

Senior leadership creates a culture of accountability

Staff Voices

Themes From Open Ended Survey Questions

Have NOT felt excluded or
unwelcome on campus

"Personally I have not experienced feeling excluded and would not want anyone to have that feeling. I believe diversity and ethics are important.

Improve Climate for Varying
Thoughts & Opinions

“Please allow diversity of thought; this is missing on our campus.”

Lack of Political Diversity

"Create environment where it is okay to have different opinions, especially regarding politics."


The Survey Administration

The Viewfinder Campus Climate Survey was administered from April 13- May 4, 2021 to all staff n=783 employed during the Spring 2021 semester; 331 staff responded to the survey (42.3% response rate). This page summarizes quantitative and qualitative responses. Strongly Agree/Agree responses are combined.

Please contact institutional Planning & Analysis at with questions.