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Spring 2021 DLE Student Survey

What is campus climate?

“The current attitudes, behaviors and standards of faculty, staff, administrators and students concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential.” (Susan Rankin, 2008)

COVID- 19 Pandemic

Students were asked to respond to statements about CSUSM's response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

believe the institution's pandemic response prioritizes the health and safety of students

support the decision leaders have made with respect to the current level of in-person operations on campus

believe campus leadership has communicated effectively regarding the pandemic


Campus Climate

69% feel satisfied with the racial/ethnic diversity of the student body at CSUSM

Intergroup Relations

84% would rather hear a person's conflicting view than have them remain silent

Sense of Belonging

Students share their feelings of sense of belonging on campus

would recommend this college to others

feel they are a member of this college

feel a sense of belonging to this campus

"I feel a sense of belonging to this campus"

  • 78% of Latina/o/x strongly agree/agree
  • 75% of Asian/Pacific Islander strongly agree/agree
  • 73% White strongly agree/agree
  • 67% Two or more races strongly agree/agree
  • 64% Black strongly agree/agree
  • 61% Amerian Indian/Alaska Native strongly agree/agree

Respondents share how often they heard insensitive or disparaging remarks about race/ethnicity from other students

  • 77% Seldom/Never
  • 17% Sometimes
  • 6% Very often/often

Classroom Climate

feel comfortable sharing their own perspectives and experiences in class

feel they have to work harder than other students to be perceived as a good student

don’t feel comfortable contributing to class discussions

in class, have heard faculty express stereotypes based on social identity

Academic Validation

72% Strongly Agree/Agree
"I feel a sense of belonging to this campus" feel that faculty often encouraged them to ask questions and participate in discussions in class


Student Voices

Themes From COVID-19 Related Open Ended Questions

Effectiveness with Online
Learning Varies with Faculty

"The shift to Zoom was
easier for some instructors and they
were still able to keep
content interesting, whereas others had a
more difficult time and the content was very dry"

Flexibility Needed from

"Online class format seems to have made professors in general assign more work and be less lenient with attending class because it is assumed that because class is online that students can and should have access to it all the time..."

Improved Communication/Engagement
with Faculty

"It’s difficult to get an audience with a professor if their
syllabus lists office hours as “via email”. Still waiting for a reply and it’s been a couple days. If only professors had a set day and time to hold office hours. That would be great."

for Student Needs

"Make professors understand that we are at home with our children so if we need to turn off our camera for a quick second it shouldn't be an issue. I tend to turn off my camera when I am serving my son a snack or going to use the restroom. Yes, we are in class but we also are at home with little ones."

The Survey Administration

The Diverse Learning Environments Survey was administered from March 1- March 26 2021 to all students enrolled in a degree, credential, or certificate program n= 15,017 1,514 students responded to the survey resulting in a 10.1% response rate.

This page summarizes quantitative and qualitative responses. Strongly Agree/Agree responses are combined. Please contact institutional Planning & Analysis at with questions.