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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month winners are nominated by professional and student staff of Campus Recreation for their exemplary service and voted on by a committee composed of Student Program Leads on a monthly basis. 

'23 - '24 Academic Year

Congratulations, Xavier!

Xavier EOTM

Xavier has been with us for just one semester now, however he has quickly stepped up and taken on numerous roles with Intramurals. He helps officiate both Basketball and Flag Football, as well as has helped work both Men's and Women's Lacrosse games as an Operations Assistant. Xavier has helped work the scoreboard, penalty box, and game clock. He is friendly, approachable, positive, and has been a great new hire for Campus Recreation! We are lucky and happy to have him for another year, and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next semester!

Congratulations, Cyril!

Cyril EOTM

Cyril has been a wonderful addition to the Campus Recretion family. While only being with the team for a year, his attitude and innovations have set a strong foundation for future staff to build and improve. He has stepped into various roles that require initiative and adaptability, allowing him to showcase his quick thinking and creativity. Cyril’s involvement with other extracurriculars on campus makes him a valuable member to our Intramural ESports staff. His fun and goofy behavior make him a joy to be around, and gives us all a reason to come into work with a smile. On behalf of all REC staff, we are proud to have him be a part of our team.

Congratulations, Jess!


Jess is an exceptional worker and a great asset to the Sport Clubs team. She has stepped into many new leadership roles and is constantly getting involved. Jess’s communication and organization skills have helped her work with 300+ sport clubs members and keep track of 100+ sport clubs events. She is a great personality in the office and wonderful person to work with!

Congratulations, Gio!


Gio is Campus Recreation's first ever Graduate Assistant! Starting in Fall 2023, Gio has taken on many leadership opportunities for our department, and has stepped up numerous times to assist with both Student Staff and Profesional Staff needs. At the end of Spring 2024, we will be saying goodbye to Gio as he will be graduating and completing his Masters program! We love having Gio on our team and is well deserving of this recognition!

Congratulations, Kamilah!

Kamilah EOTM

Coming into college as a tranfer student comes with its challenges, and Kamilah took on those challenges and soared! In the short time Kamilah has been with Campus Recreation, they have showed imense growth both professionally and personally. Their graphic design skills are unmatched, and they are always willing to lend a helping hand with a smile. Campus Recreation is so grateful to have them on the team, and we cannot wait to see what they do next. If you do not yet know Kamilah, you should start now!

Congratulations, Jose!


Jose is truly one of a kind! He is never too busy to lend a helping hand and always goes above and beyond for his peers. He brings a sense of light heartedness and wit to all Outdoor Adventure trips, office shifts, and team meetings that is unmatched and valued at Campus Recreation. Jose has grown so much in his time with Outdoor Adventures; starting as a volunteer in 2022, to joining our stafff in 2023, and now, as our Employee of the Month. We are thankful to have him on the team and excited to see what new heights he reaches this spring. 

Congratulations, Illeana!

Illeana EOTM

Illeana has been an incredible help to our Campus REC team during her time with us. Throughout the Fall '23 semester she has proven her dedication to the department through her impeccable communication skills and reliability within our Intramural programming. Our Intramural staff would not be the same without her, and we cannot wait to see the direction she helps take Campus Recreation in future semesters!

Congratulations, Alyssa!

Alyssa ETOM

If you know Alyssa, you know she radiates positivity in all that she does. She is passionate about her projects and provides unwavering support to others and their ideas. As the Outdoor Adventures Coordinator, Alyssa takes on trip planning, training, scheduling, teambuilding, and more; and still manages to make time for her passions and friends #slay. She's a phenomenal team member, student, and friend to her peers who have voted her as September's employee of the month! 

'22 - '23 Academic Year

Congratultions, Crystal!

Crystal Employee of the Month

Crystal has been a great asset to our Fitness & Wellness team. She takes initiative and isn’t afraid to step outside of her box. Her positive attitude and smile lights up any room she walks into. It has been true joy to have Crystal as a part of our team. Thank you for all you do!

Congratulations, Alexis!

Alexis Employee of the Month

Alexis is a great asset to Campus Recreation and is truly the backbone of the Sport Clubs program. She goes above and beyond in her role to ensure nobody gets left behind, and the Sport Club members are lucky to have her in their corner. In addition to her incredible work ethic, Alexis is a patient and caring mentor to other REC team members. She is  more than deserving of this recognition and we are so grateful to have Alexis as part of the Campus REC team!

Congratulations, Carson!

Carson Employee of the Month

There is never a dull moment when Carson is in the office. His bright personality lights up any room he walks in to, and you can always count on him to put a smile on your face. In addition to his infecious spirit, Carson is an extremely hard worker and a true asset to the Campus REC Marketing Team. His creativity and attention to detail are phenominal, and a huge reason why the REC marketing content is at the level it is. He is a team player and constantly supports his colleagues in all REC program areas. Thank you for all you do, Carson! 

Congratulations, Theo!


Theo is a hard working team player. He is always on time and encouraging others to improve and test their skills. You can always count on Theo to have your back in any situation with teams or players. He is the kind of ref you always want on the court with you.

Congratulations, Malia!

Malia Employee of the Month

Malia is an incredible asset to the Campus Rec Outdoor Adventures team! She always goes above and beyond in any task given to her, and goes out of her way do additional work to help keep the department running smoothly. Her positive attitude is contagious and her hard work does not go unoticed.