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Surf 2023

CSUSM Surf is one of the oldest operating student-organizations here on campus. The team won our first National Championship in the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) back in 2009, and recently won it again in the 2019-20 season! We are a highly competitive Sport Club that competes in 3 regular season contests with a Regional and National Championship (when invited). Men's short board, Women's short board and Co-ed Longboard are our 3 competitive categories. Depending on the conditions, we'll practice occasionally a couple times a month. This like-minded group of individuals all love to hang out and push each other whether it be in the classroom or the water!

For more information about our team, reach out to us at

Club Officers
Title Name Email
President Michael Parsons
Vice President Patrick Dowd
Treasurer Angela Strong
Faculty Advisor Dr. Amber Puha 

Club Events (2023-2024)
Date Time Event Location
October 28-29 7pm San Diego Blacks Beach
January 20-21 7am Huntington Beach Huntington Beach, (Pier)
February 3-4 7am Santa Cruz Santa Cruz (Steamer Lane)
March 1-3 7am Interscholastic State Championships Huntington Beach (Pier)
June 14-16 7am National Interscholastic College Championships Dana Point (Salt Creek)