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Esports Club

CSUSM Esports is a new student organization focusing on allowing students to play the games they love competitively. The leagues we compete in are Collegiate Star League and College League of Legends. The games we compete in within these leages are: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Street Fighter 5, and League of Legends. Our games are played year-round allowing our players to have multiple chances to compete in their leagues. Practice and game dates are determined by what game each student is participating in. We are looking for anyone who is both committed and passionate about the games that they play.

For more information about the Club, reach out to us at

Club Activities (2021-22)
Date Time Event Location
October 4 7PM York City Panthers - Rocket League Virtual
October 11 7PM Colorado College - Rocket League Virtual
October 16 12PM Smash Team Virtual
October 18 7PM Colorado State University - Rocket League Virtual
October 25 7PM Bushnell Esports - Rocket League Virtual
November 1 7PM University of Hawaii - Manoa (UHM) Tsunami - Rocket League Virtual
November 11 12PM Smash Team Virtual








Club Officers
Title Name Email
President Michael Fang
Vice President Adrian Ligayon 
Treasurer TBD TBD
Faculty Advisor       Penny Lanese