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Can non-CSUSM students/guests register for an Outdoor Adventure trip?

At this time, only currently enrolled CSUSM students can register for OA trips.

Do I have to provide my own camping gear on overnight trips?

We will provide all the equipment (sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, tents, stoves, etc.) needed for the trip. The personal gear you need to bring may vary depending on the trip, but usually includes: Appropriate clothing and foot wear, water bottles, snacks, toiletry items, sunblock, day bag for hikes, cash for meals (if having lunch on the road that’s not provided by OA), etc.

A specific list of items that are included and items that you will need to bring will be provided for you by the trip leader prior to leaving.

Can I rent camping equipment from Outdoor Adventures?

At this time, we do not offer camping equipment for students to rent.

I’m a faculty/staff member at CSUSM, can I register for an OA trip?

At this time, only currently enrolled CSUSM students can register for OA trips.

I registered for a trip, but I need to cancel. Can I get a refund?

We do not provide refunds for any Outdoor Adventure trip unless we must cancel due to weather or other safety concerns.

Can I drive myself/get dropped off at the trip location?

Unless otherwise stated by the trip leaders, you are required to travel to and from the trip location with Outdoor Adventure staff in the CSUSM operated vehicles. No exceptions.

When will you be hiring?

Outdoor Adventures usually hires twice per year, once in Spring and once in Fall. Be sure to follow us on social media to get notifications on when we begin accepting applications.

Can I bring my own gear on a trip?

Yes, you may bring your own gear. However, please check with your trip leader for any exceptions at least one week before departure date. Keep in mind this will not lower the trip cost.

Do you offer any internships?

Currently, we do not offer an internship. However, if you are interested in learning more about OA, we do have a volunteer program where you can join trips and gain mare insight into Outdoor Adventures.