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Meet the Team


Celeste Gottschalk 

Outdoor Adventure Coordinator | | (760)750-6001

Fun Fact: My favorite animals are the cunning octopus, the indestrucible waterbear, and the charasmatic golden retriever. 

Bio: I have worked for collegiate outdoor programs since 2013, first at CSU Northridge, then as the outdoor graduate assistant for Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas (what are the odds), and finally at CSU, San Marcos with some rafting and ropes course work in between. What I love most about this job is working with amazing students both in the office and  out in the field. 


Michelle K.  

Major:Kinesiology and Mathematics, Minor:Psychology

Fun Fact: I am bilingual; I know greetings in ten different languages, and love cooking!

Bio: My favorite outdoor activity is any water-based sport and backpacking. My favorite places are Zion National Park and Yosemite National Park! I am an international student from Korea who didn't know much about outdoors but outdoors became my passion after joining the team. Outdoor Adventures taught me many things and I want to share great memories with other students!


Mikey B. 

Major: Kinesiology 

Fun Fact: I work on motorcycles outside of classes and work

Bio:  My name is Mikey Banaag, I started working for Outdoor Adventures to chase my dream of promoting holistic wellness through outdoor recreation. I am a Kinesiology major and an avid rock climber, so naturally I wanted to blend those two worlds together. Working for Outdoor Adventures has been such a fulfilling and enriching experience. I get to travel to beautiful places, do amazing activities, and all the while helping to cultivate self-reliance, environmental stewardship, group dynamics, and overall wellness in our community. Outdoor Adventures has provided so many opportunities for personal growth in both myself and our participants, I think that is the biggest reason why I love what I do.