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Research and Creative Activities

Aidelen Montoya & Sea Level Rise

Aidelen Montoya, a Special Major: Museum Studies, Art and Art History depicts how climate change and sea level rise will impact the Philippines between now and 2100.

Run Dry

Run Dry

"Run Dry is a story of small, rural California communities and their struggle to remain connected to the most precious of humen resources - water."

Run Dry - Kristine Diekman, professor at CSUSM in the School of Arts

Run Dry website 

1.5 Degrees of Concern

table with a variety of items ontop

1.5 Degrees of Concern is an international collaboration that embraces conversations between three women living on separate continents during global climate crises. The stories represent a dissolving past, an urgent present, and a speculative future. Examining the layered transmissions and abandoned traces, we invite you to consider possibilities for an alternative utopian future and first steps to building it.

1.5 Degrees of Concern installation, Bonita Museum, California - Kristine Diekman, professor at CSUSM in the School of Arts

Video of 1.5 Degrees of Concern Installation

Visualizing Climate Change

Anna Schwartz Self-portrait
Anna Schwartz - "Self-portrait with snow crystals and planktonic snails"

This piece uses invisible embroidery on plankton net with shadow from Judit Hersko's 2011 Digital Installation at LEA Exhibition, Anna's Cabinet of Curiosities. 

Judit Hersko, Professor, Art, Media, and Design is an installation artist who works in the intersection of art and science. She collaborates with scientists on visualizing climate change science through art and narrative. In 2008 she received the National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Grant and spent six weeks in Antarctica working with scientists.

To view Judith's work please go to her personal website

To view Anna's Work please go to "Anna's Cabinet of Curiosities"


To hear more about the Antarctic experience, you can listen to Rice University professors Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer interview Judit Hersko about her work, her time in Antarctica and more. Her interview starts at 12:37

To view a performance lecture you can access the San Diego Museum of Art event from July 2020 by viewing the video to the left. The performance lecture starts at 7 minutes and lasts for 30 minutes – please make sure to watch the screen – it only works if image and the spoken word are synchronized.

2021 Voices: the Environment

icecream cone with earth melting
CHABSS Dean's Pick by Leslie Vasquez, AMD major.

Visit the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences (CHABSS) Voices: the Environment to view 2021 April's Creative works from the monthly contest.

View all of 2021 April's Creative Works