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The College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (CSTEM) is a forward-thinking community of scholars and researchers pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and discovery in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through interdisciplinary research, innovation, and creative endeavors, our faculty and students are at the forefront of solving many of the critical challenges we face in our rapidly evolving world.


Thumbnail: University Honors Outstanding 2022 Graduates
May 5, 2022
More than 4,400 students are expected to graduate from Cal State San Marcos this academic year, including six standouts from the Cla...
Thumbnail: Chemistry Student: 'You Might be Capable of More Than You Thought'
April 27, 2022
Madison Wagner has always had a natural curiosity about the world. She affectionately refers to her rural upbringing in the agricult...
Thumbnail: CSUSM Names Permanent Dean for CSTEM
April 25, 2022
Cal State San Marcos has announced the appointment of Dr. Jackie Trischman as the permanent dean of the College of Science, Technology, En...
Thumbnail: Family Inspires Biology Student's Research Path
April 13, 2022
Growing up, Clarissa Garcia’s parents worked multiple jobs and long hours. Garcia spent a lot of the time at her grandpare...

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Madison Stewart
Student Spotlight
Working with Biological Sciences Professor Matthew Escobar, Ph.D., and research partner Sheyenne Black, Madison Stewart studied if a soil’s microbiome—its ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and other organisms—affects nutritional content in crops, specifically tomatoes.  Madison, a 2022 Biotechnology graduate, was awarded first-place at the 36th Annual CSU Student Research Competition this April.
Super STEM Saturday Table
Points of Pride
Super STEM Saturday
Super STEM Saturday was in-person this year and a number of our faculty and students and affliated organizations shared fun STEAM activities with our local community.



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