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How to Enroll the Cougar Way

Degree-Set-Go (3 Steps to Enrollment)


How to Degree, Set, Go! 

  • Step 1: Degree (Edit Unit Preferences)

    • During the first two weeks of the semester.


    • Open Degree Planner and review the following semester (for example, if this is the beginning of Fall semester, refer to upcoming Spring)
    • Review the number of units being suggested and click 'Edit Preferences' only if you wish to change the number of units you plan to take that semester. Most students will not have to make any changes here because the Degree Planner defaults at 15 units.
    • At this time, it is unnecessary to click the “Select” lines, as this step is strictly planning for unit load.


    • The university uses this basic data to inform the upcoming Class Schedule.
  • Step 2: Set (Select Classes for Next Semester and Build Schedule)


    • At the time the Class Schedule for the next semester is viewable, typically mid-semester.


    • Open Degree Planner and click on each 'Select' line for which there is not already a selection made. (Disclaimer: you may want to check this again at the time of your enrollment to refresh class availability. During the enrollment period the Degree Planner will indicate “Currently Full” for full/waitlisted courses.)
    • After all requirements for that term are selected, open Schedule Assistant and import your selected courses


    • See PDF in Step 3


    • To create your preferred Class Schedule and load your Shopping Cart before your enrollment date.
  • Step 3: Go! (Complete Enrollment)


    • At your assigned enrollment date/time. This is sent via campus email from the Office of the Registrar and viewable in your Student Center under Enrollment Appointment, typically mid-semester.


    • From the Shopping Cart, finish enrolling.


Overview of Advising Tools:

  • Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

    The ARR tracks all graduation requirements by indicating which are met, in progress, and needed. It is updated immediately upon changing major/minors, enrollment activity (including adding, dropping courses), posting of grades, and transfer credit. It is important to monitor the ARR regularly, as it is an official graduation evaluation.

    Academic Advising Report

    Accessing Your ARR (PDF)

  • Degree Planner

    Your Degree Planner is an interactive online tool you will use for course planning throughout your time at CSUSM.

    Requirements for your major, minor (if applicable), and general education are displayed in a recommended sequence using information from your student record. It even recognizes the courses you've already taken at CSUSM, test credit, transfer credit, course substitutions, and prerequisites to recommend an education plan designed just for you! Your Degree Planner can be accessed in your Student Center in myCSUSM.

    Degree Planner Features (PDF)

  • Schedule Assistant

    The schedule assistant is an electronic tool that helps undergraduate students find open classes that are offered on days/times when they can attend school.

    Schedule Assistant Features (PDF)

  • Enrollment Tips